Hello World!

A post for me to introduce myself to you, the first assignment for Blogging 101 & Writing 101.

I am Zhen and I am a being with enthusiasm and dreams . As I work my way through my creative mind I always find many more on a path like mine. I Started off to create a portfolio website and instead I shared a thought or two and began to enjoy this space, thus here I am.

I write because I feel and think
and when it comes to expressing, written words seem most comforting.

Sharing my thoughts through words on a public platform seemed like something I would never do, untill I shared my first personal post and realised that the world did not end. I could keep a personal and private outlet but I would lose the chance to be part of a collective mind unleashing wave, and so I plan on taking this experiment further.

According to my muddy plan I decide to write about things that catch my curious eye or mind. Writing about my thoughts and feeling as I evolve each day and on topics such as progressive thinking, nature amusement, wonders of the universe and pretty much on similar lines. Hopefully through here I will be able to connect with like-minded folks who wonder about life and beyond. I amย enthusiastic about building a thought community, one for the exchange and development of ideas and a place to put to rest your confusion by interacting with folks who share your woes. ย Holding a four leaf clover in hand for my journey ahead hereon!


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