My Learnings On Life

Post two for writting 101,
Aย list of the things I’ve learned;
So far on life and living…
  • Being alone in solitude can be a constant state of life. Would it drive you crazy? Maybe, but only those who have company can prove it!

  • You have to work on yourself if you ever want to be able to truly live.
  • You can never be sure if you're in love with life or with the self, because if you ask me it's both the same, you just need the right perspective.
  • You may be handed lemons for the rest of your life, till you are ready to expect better.
  • When it comes to trust, I always thought there's nothing to lose so let's just trust everyone like it was as free as air, I realized I was doing it wrong when I stopped trusting myself.
  • I've never believed in segregation of friends best to worst. But I've learned why, itโ€™s because you can't decide to acknowledge two of your fingers while the others are just there! You've got to be a real good pretender for that.
  • Going to school and learning tricks of the trade is one thing and studying and expanding your cognitive ability is another.
  • Life isnโ€™t just about dresses and movies; it's about the guppies and stars too.
  • Yes! You have every right to be angry but poison your own body and leave the others out of it.
  • The future of the planet is a scary place, especially because we hold its fate in our hands.
  • God could be you or me or a statue in the temple, but I think it's the space between you and me, it's the vibration and the air we breathe, it is indeed, but you and me.



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