Absolute Beauty

Today’s assignment; Make a prompt peronal, here goes on Absolute Beauty…

When you sense something either by seeing, touching, hearing, etc, that leaves you absolutely stunned. It may be for a moment of a split second or an entire hour, either way you swear time stood still for that moment. Following with a calm yet racing heart you’re in a lovely state of bliss.When you find yourself in the presence of such a divine sensation know that you are indeed experiencing something beautiful.

I feel this is what absolute beauty is, given that anything beautiful will eventually bring rise to beauty in its receptor. But don’t be surprised when you find beauty brings no change quick in time, maybe turns things erratic suddenly, self centres constantly or even levels and renews love admittedly. Because before you awaken you have to be asleep, before you come to life you must die. Before you are in awe you’ve already experienced disgust, and that in itself is beautiful how the cycle naturally balances itself out leaving a trail of illumination.

All of life unfolds around and within me as I stand here looking at this beautiful dance of perfected balance. A thought springs my path about the human race and its blind headed pace. Till another astonishing thought rides in on the train reminding me of the boon at this antipode and just like that, the beauty’s back!

“Beauty can never be absolute, only always absolutely beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Absolute Beauty”

  1. That is an interessting these though. I agree, that you often only see the beauty in things, when you happend to have experienced the exact opposite as well. But when you talk about “Your lovely state of bliss” I think is another thing. Or maybe I don’t reflect deep enough, but these moments, which are just hitting me out of nowhere, they exist without any antipode for me. But they leave nothing behind than just the joy of that one fact – I am able to feel.

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