A walled day!

As I continued looking at the space between me and the wall, I had reached a whole new understanding on time. Helping me do so was the space occupied in the distance between me and the flat lifeless face of the wall. A few feet suddenly turned into a thousand and counting leaps of distance after I stared into the nothingness in-between. The space seemed extremely saturated after a small shift in the angle of the sun to us. ‘Filled with what?’ I started to think before I wondered if my evolutions progress so far would allow me to perceive what ever it was that occupied that space, because quite obviously it isn’t just ‘NOTHINGNESS’.

It all started with another day of me missing the morning as a wake up call, another day as a sleep hog. While feeling satisfied for having being able to sleep for as long as I wanted. But I wouldn’t wake up with just that, there would also be a little tiredness, more laze and that’s just within the first few seconds. This day was a bit odd though. I had a totally different set of thoughts overriding the usual effect of the physical reality. I would otherwise wake and start all over to look for sense in life.

So after all the sudden debatable chatter in my head, I poured myself a good cup of tea. Almost nearing the bottom of the mug I see that time seemed to be still. Shooting through the narration; my days are usually filled with about a hundred thoughts of possibilities and impossibilities. Going about my day I had not noticed the time in its presence and or its movement. The sun moved drastically by then and I called it a day for my side of the earth.

It’s was me and the blank wall when it started. A couple of thought trains passed through my mind till I started to notice the distance between me and the wall. Is it expanding or contracting or is my conscience observation assisting in optical illusions again? And then I reach the question, What is blank space? I find myself sitting extremely relaxed just contemplating the matter or substance or energy or mere essence in-between. What is it? Why can’t I perceive it? How can I move right through it?

It’s just air! But isn’t, that’s the easiest way to put it or a soothing enough answer?

Another 101 post, wrapping a story around a day or a day around a story.


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