Going South for North

Walking, walking and then you skip or stop,
Take a break, move on.
Break free from the routine, from who you’ve become,
Fly out on your own compass, mind and soul is the zone.

Go within, build up again,
This has just begun, a test passed,
And thus you’ve come so far!

Keep at it, give it all you’ve got,
Stop for no one, just the world you own.
Know how it all started, that’s how it all ends.

Pull closer your own, befriend you self again.
This life is not for timed companions, lovers or teams.
An illusion of support – it’s in the mind, that signals strength.
Push back your thoughts, they do no good,
It communicates, but within yourself there is no need for speech.

Know, feel & breathe!
Go south, up north go widely west or the opposite through out,
It’s your playground – explore for one hundred years,


Or quicker if you can.

All that matters in the gift you share, the smiles you spread and the shoulders you lend.
Growth, sustain, develop, save – too many dreams and the ocean gets bigger,
Catch one and hold on, it’ll pass you on to the next one.

Stay you, strong and beautiful.
Stay true, honest & giving.
Life is more than it’s thought,
It’s far from your ambitions,
It’s learning & expanding,
Beyond your wants, your likes, your imagination.

Life is the voice in your stomach,
The gut turning and the heart beating,
The  throat heavy and the eyes filling,
The fingers tingling and the feet waiting,
To move around, to let the sun in.

Life is the soft breeze on your neck,
It’s the sweet colors coming through water droplets,
It’s the moon shine keeping you company at night,
It’s the animals & insects around setting your intentions right.
It’s all the small things and all the big things,
To me the same, it’s all about withstanding every false hope till the end.
It’s for you and you alone, every second in this realm!



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