Travel has its own plan

A few of you might know already I had planned a backpack trip through northern India. However everything in this existence has its own plan charted out. Only this time I wasn’t in on it. Given all the efforts of trying to get transport between states sorted, nothing worked out. Just nothing! It kept coming at me through multiple channels, when things have to happen they happen. When they aren’t meant at the time, no matter what it won’t happen.

Over the days of run and try, either this or that way, I’ve learnt a lot of self-trust & dependability. I could have left on that 40 hour 3 changes bus journey with out a flutter to cover less than a thousand kms, but that wasn’t the case. So after a couple of days trying my luck, I finally decided to call it quits on this route and taking on a new one.

In between all the trial and error I visited near by forests for easy hikes and treks. Witnessed the spirits of green, deer, peacocks and a sound so silent it’s the most melodious I’ve heard. The healing that happened from years of ignorance towards the self. The most amusing thing about this entire month however has been the love I’ve been receiving through family, friends, new acquaintance, animals, plants, just the sweet breeze and even myself. It’s a reconnected road that leads beyond any map of earth. I guess my journey already started and here I am waiting thinking it’ll be once I’m out of the city.

Here’s a little bit on the day trips we did to the forest ranges around Sinhgad fort (Western Ghats, part of the Sahayadries)

Our start point on feet was Saddle Cafe – The Rolling Academy, a bike park with a mini concrete skate ramp and slacklines. After a quick session we set out on the trails through the dried forests (since it’s in the hot of summer), hiking & for some quick stints of rock climbing, shaded stops and swinging hammocks, eye to eye with a deer, following the cool of breeze that blows. These are a bunch of simple things that made up the whole of beautiful days.

The quite of a forest is so pleasant while the ruffle of leaves a language unspoken, the human mind might find its peace, but for a sure a loving smile that permanently sits.








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