“I am no more a vassal of the flesh,
A slave to nature and her leaden rule;
I am caught no more in the senses’ narrow mesh,
My soul unhorizoned widens to measureless sight”

Sri Aurobindo – Collected Poems


Everything’s for your taking
Right at your tips, fingers stretch, reach out
Everything’s yours & you alone can know ofΒ it

Sunlight on both sides,
Wind blowing by, heat remaining
The body heals, with sweat & dust
Leaves are more than pretty, they speak

Feet take you the right way,
When the gut comes out to play
The mind & heart in rhythm, a language understandable
Life is still a mystery

Pain seems illusive, that throws joy in there too
Heartache & memories, you choose to let loose
High times & bests mean nothing if you’re on a quest
Just the breathing that seems true

Everything, everybody will move
Even you will be renewed – wait for it
This life is not for taking or keeping
It is for comprehending, experiencing & living

I live on now in a wider realm,
one with more of ether & spirit, the planet booming with it
Less of what this world (our world) has to offer,
I no longer choose to live a herd life,
Maybe this is the root of the Zhen life.



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