Highlining with Slacklifeinc

Waking up on a cliff plateau amongst clouds and setting out on a short walk across narrow ledges and steepish rock climbing, I reached a place where a narrow line was drilled across the valley. This is a short something of the time I spent at a highline camp ecstatically.


Suddenly one day a few friends get together and decide to drive down to Dukes Nose in Lonavala to join a another few friends camping out at a highline spot. That’s how it started. I had no idea what to expect or feel until it was morning and we had to climb across some rocks to where the lines were bolted, and that’s when it sunken in, the enormity of the thrill of this sport. Ofcourse, the first thing I was face to face with was the amount of fear I had, not knowing it even existed inside of me, and second was just ‘awe’

Waking up on labor day!! #extremesleep

A post shared by Slacklife Inc (@slacklifeinc) on Apr 30, 2017 at 7:11pm PDT


It’s activity such as these that keep the spirit going. Slacklife.inc and the guys have brought in something completely new to the country, slacklining & (more crazy) highlining. And if you’re going extreme, maybe risking your life or a limb, might as well let it happen at a kick-ass location making it a chill get away scene too. Highliners across the globe have sent lines at some of the most beautiful places on Earth. So, whether you think highliners are brave or just crazy, you have to admit that what they do is pretty amazing. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself battling fear and wind gusts on your own highline someday!


Slacklining (a precursor to highlining) was a product of Yosemite National Park’s rock climbing scene in the mid-to-late 1970s. Like the slalom adds gates to make downhill skating more challenging, highlining adds height to make slacklining more challenging.

Highlines consist of two main parts: the line which is usually made from 1-inch-thick nylon webbing and the anchors, because of the tremendous forces placed on this equipment, redundancy is crucial. When it comes to actually walking on the highline, different people have different strategies. Some go barefoot or with shoes on. Some find focus on the sounds of nature while others on a distant point, or headphones, or some even find it easier making conversation. All in all the goal remains the same, to smoothly cross the line and reach the other side.


If you’re reading this you should also hit follow on their official page to give it a try yourself whenever the next balance act happens around you.


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