Backpacking Ind

Thing’s I’ve been thinking of like clock work,
(Ever since I’ve been back from a short backpacking trip)

The morning call and feels at Sadhana Forest
The water, wind and fireflies in Arrah
The chai and mud on Auro streets
The kids and meals from Mahabs Beach
The ancient lit fire and energies from Kashi
The water, clay and skies at the Ganges

My backpack as my home
All the trying times and injuries that now make me strong
The smells and boli of different lands
The sweet smiles of lil children everywhere I went
The temporary families I grew rather fond of
Even the 110+ hours on trains that made this trip whole!
Maybe some 7000 kms and 56 days,
but a doors been opened,
Can’t wait to hit the road again!



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