One family with the Vasudhaiva Ride

Family, a predefined circle of a genetic spread,
To ensure their succession and well-being
Outside of this illusive bubble,
It’s not your problem, not your worry.
Here’s a twist (the original way)
‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’

One world one family, inclusive and real.
Not dependent on blood lines or shared tiles,
Nor on cuddles and praises, or festive meets & graces
But completely inclusive of life in entirety.
One world one family, an underlying truth,
the way before the reboot

It’s the same breath, the same life energy,
It’s you and me & the force in-between.
Blood lines are just for books,
Each other is what makes the world turn,
Extending a prayerful hand,
sharing a half of your whole.
Try it out, and tell me it’s not what you already hold!
In time you will feel comfortable enough to share
And familiar enough to feel and to be fair
All this time,
Like wood that’s been kept away from the flame,

Conditioned and damp, wet from the rain.
Infinite knowledge and endless wisdom in our being
A little meditation and trial,
And we can be back, up and running
Like when we used to have soul,
before all the programming!

Inspired by my time spent volunteering at the Bihar Project with The Vasudhaiva Ride.

The idea is to create awareness of alternative construction and energy sourcing, while creating a space for the local community and their skills to grow. All of this is part of a bigger project. An Indian & a Canadian out on a 80,000 +/- km ride from India to Scotland, working towards peace, sustainable living and community well-being. You can be a part of this in many ways;

To see two young adults putting their ambition of being responsible humans into action is far beyond inspiring, it’s assuring of the world turning to better days ahead. Ben & Prashant are two of the most innovative & self challenging people I know of, within their capacity. The particular project I joined in for (The Bihar Project) showed just how genuinely passionate the duo are about good & uplifting energy. And I’ve seen it radiate from them in almost every activity they are engaged in. I send out the best of what I hold in me to keep their spirits up and forever expanding!

Join them on their Journey; 

Fund them!
Follow them on their social channels; Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!

The Vasudhaiva Ride is a call out for engagement. Locally, globally. Connect with them and help them make it happen. (

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