Volunteering at Sadhana Forest – Travel with Purpose

As part of my backpack trail, I visited and stayed at Sadhana Forest early in June this year. The plan was to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, but since I’d already over shot my schedule and budget, all I could afford was staying in for 4 days, at least getting a feel for the place, reassurance for the desire to go back for a longer duration. Here is a short abstract from the full feature on Tripoto.


The story behind this humble initiative goes such that: Sadhana used to be the great, ancient, coastal forest that once extended from northern Tamil Nadu down to Kanyakumari in the south. The whole span used to be a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) boasting not so common species of flora and fauna, unfortunately the forest was destroyed decades ago.

In December 2003, Yorit & Aviram Rozin founded Sadhana Forest and started this ecological revival and sustainable living project with an aim to transform 70 acres of severely eroded land back to a vibrant, indigenous Forest. Ever since inception there has always been at-least one volunteer with them and have had a safe 1000 volunteers annually ever since. As you read along, I wish for something to spark your visit soon! Read more on the infrastructure, volunteering & added details on Tripoto!


“May the Forest be with you!”


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