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The Arrah, Bihar Experience – Travel with Purpose

After Sadhana Forest, I had to find my way up to Arrah to the Vasudhaiva Ride – Bihar Project, (somewhere I’ve never been before) to volunteer. My journey started onward such – I got a lift from Auroville to the main road, then hopped on to a local bus for a half hour ride to Pondicherry, then on to a state bus to Chennai, a four hour ride, then on to another local bus to Chennai central, 20 mins and then finally laid my bags down to rest in the train that’d be home for the next 40 hrs.

ara station

Here is a short abstract from the full feature on Tripoto.

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Volunteering at Sadhana Forest – Travel with Purpose

As part of my backpack trail, I visited and stayed at Sadhana Forest early in June this year. The plan was to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, but since I’d already over shot my schedule and budget, all I could afford was staying in for 4 days, at least getting a feel for the place, reassurance for the desire to go back for a longer duration. Here is a short abstract from the full feature on Tripoto.


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Backpacking Ind

Thing’s I’ve been thinking of like clock work,
(Ever since I’ve been back from a short backpacking trip)

The morning call and feels at Sadhana Forest
The water, wind and fireflies in Arrah
The chai and mud on Auro streets
The kids and meals from Mahabs Beach
The ancient lit fire and energies from Kashi
The water, clay and skies at the Ganges

My backpack as my home
All the trying times and injuries that now make me strong
The smells and boli of different lands
The sweet smiles of lil children everywhere I went
The temporary families I grew rather fond of
Even the 110+ hours on trains that made this trip whole!
Maybe some 7000 kms and 56 days,
but a doors been opened,
Can’t wait to hit the road again!


Travel has its own plan

A few of you might know already I had planned a backpack trip through northern India. However everything in this existence has its own plan charted out. Only this time I wasn’t in on it. Given all the efforts of trying to get transport between states sorted, nothing worked out. Just nothing! It kept coming at me through multiple channels, when things have to happen they happen. When they aren’t meant at the time, no matter what it won’t happen. Continue reading Travel has its own plan

Hyderabad & Challapalli

17th to 21st Feb 2017
Hyderabad & Challapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India.


A 4 day trip purposed by a friend’s wedding and meeting a relative. So this travel was a mix of wedding invitee, catching up with a relative, new city travel & a make shift vacation. Anyway here’s what went down and how;

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