Hyderabad & Challapalli

17th to 21st Feb 2017
Hyderabad & Challapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India.


A 4 day trip purposed by a friend’s wedding and meeting a relative. So this travel was a mix of wedding invitee, catching up with a relative, new city travel & a make shift vacation. Anyway here’s what went down and how;

I journeyed by bus from Pune on 16th night, reached the city of Nizam’s on 17th morning, Continue reading Hyderabad & Challapalli


Food for thought..

While cleaning out some digital space in a drive, I recently found something I had put together back in June 2014, here it is!

Ever wondered, on what or where exactly it is we reside? Or how is this existence explained?

This train of thought has everything to do with who we are, how we came into being, why we are here, how we got here, our characteristics’, our nature or survival pattern, our bio system and its working, and so much more. Continue reading Food for thought..

A Summa of Skateboarding

Manhattan_beach_1960_Skateboarding_wheelbase_magazine_1Skateboarding isn’t just an action sport form, it’s a recreational activity that involves pulling tricks with a board and quick thinking. It’s an art form, a job, a hobby, or a method of transportation, an exercise routine, or whatever other purposes it serves, it is environmental friendly too.

The sport evolved in the west from the culture of surfing during the early 70’s, gradually developing an identity of its own. Back then boarding was more of a trait for a rebellious, non-conforming youth. Although as time evolved so did the perceived idea of this action sport.

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You can..


When you’re pretty much beat down by what’s happening and let fear get the better of you, always know this – that either way fear or no fear; you will be moving, you will change your position in time and you will outgrow your current dilemma, probably into a new one. But what is more important is while this inevitable plan unfolds, you can make choices along.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

-Wayne Dyer

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