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Going South for North

Walking, walking and then you skip or stop,
Take a break, move on.
Break free from the routine, from who you’ve become,
Fly out on your own compass, mind and soul is the zone. Continue reading Going South for North


You can..


When you’re pretty much beat down by what’s happening and let fear get the better of you, always know this – that either way fear or no fear; you will be moving, you will change your position in time and you will outgrow your current dilemma, probably into a new one. But what is more important is while this inevitable plan unfolds, you can make choices along.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

-Wayne Dyer

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Absolute Beauty

Today’s assignment; Make a prompt peronal, here goes on Absolute Beauty…

When you sense something either by seeing, touching, hearing, etc, that leaves you absolutely stunned. It may be for a moment of a split second or an entire hour, either way you swear time stood still for that moment. Following with a calm yet racing heart you’re in a lovely state of bliss. Continue reading Absolute Beauty